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8th Graders Leave an Environmental Legacy


“I love art, our community and the earth mean a lot to me,” Nick Onkoba


“I want to inspire people with my drawing,” Deyani Cala

“It would be nice to make the school more beautiful and colorful,” Carlos Torres

These are just a few reasons why Millennial Tech Middle 8th graders chose to participate in a mural as their legacy project. 8th graders in collaboration with Groundwork San Diego and muralist Todd Stands designed and painted a 1,200 square foot campus mural. The mural was inspired by a poetry unit Ode to EarthLab that took place at the EarthLab, the school’s neighboring outdoor science center. 8th graders applied to be on the mural team by submitting a short paragraph and sketches of local plants and animals to showcase on the mural.

MTM mural

“I’d like to inspire kids to be creative.” – Liliana Romero

Last week, the student body selected 19 8th graders to represent their work as the focal point of the mural. With mentoring from community artists, the mural team spent two full days painting their images on the mural. Student and community volunteers tied the mural team images together with an abstract background of Chollas Creek, the local creek that runs through the neighborhood and EarthLab. This mural will be an “example for the kids who are shy to show their inner artist” writes Savannah McGill.

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