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Nature Guide Network

Nature Network

The Nature Network brings together the local community in support of a nature-centric San Diego. We encourage outdoor recreation, stewardship, and environmental education to rejuvenate the mental, physical, and emotional health of our community members. The majority of our Nature Network is made up of people who lead others in nature-based activities. Local Point of View supports these leaders through Nature FAM Trips, Peer Evaluation opportunities, as well as professional training.

Nature Mixer

Nature Mingle

Guides and nature enthusiasts come together over food and fun to share opportunities and successes in the industry. Events hosted at locations that allow us to appreciate the natural abundance of our town. These events are open to the public. Contact us if you would like to host a Nature Mingle at your site.


Nature Familiarity(FAM) Trips

Join fellow nature guides while we explore the rich biodiversity of San Diego County. Get to know the special spaces and places that our town has to offer. Special emphasis will be placed on seasonal highlights. Contact us if you would like to host our group at your site or event.

Program Evlauators Group

Program Evaluators Group

Interpreters and informal educators gather during a monthly forum to discuss effective interpretive program design and delivery. Each month a presenter will host the group for free (or at cost) in exchange for constructive feedback. Currently this group is open to Certified Interpretive Guides.